The Darkness of Light Theatrical Dance Performance Festival Tour

Anna is currently touring with the Artful Badger Performance troupe. What an exciting summer of inspiring Festivals!!

Click here for more info:

The Artful Badger present
The Darkness of Light
Theatrical Dance Performance
Mini Festival Tour 2014

Come and share The Artful Badger collective’s latest theatrical journey. This intricate and earthly performance will be enacted in woodland spaces at several festivals this summer. Dive into the unknown, take a trip into beautiful chaos and grab your inner animal by the horns, wings, tail or flippers, and emerge twigs-in-hair joyful…

We reveal the secret lives of mythical forest creatures and give you a glimpse of their struggle for light. Some hoard it, some share it, some steal it and some guard it- whilst others try to extinguish it entirely. The snake and feral child are on the hunt for light itself, while wolf, owl and zebra play with its eternal possibilities.

The characters light the woods with lanterns, pendants, travel cases, and strange found objects they have developed to hold the light. Fantastical beasts are born in the flash of a light, and fade away in its last gleaming. Join us in illuminating the mystery of their secret lives at the edge of the forest.

Pete the Monkey
11th – 13th July 2014
St Aubin, France

The Secret Garden Party
24th -27th July 2014
Mill Hill Field in Abbots Ripton, Cambridgeshire, UK

18th – 20th July 2014
Henham Park, Southwold, Suffolk, UK

Wilderness Festival
7th – 10th August 2014
Cornbury Park,Oxfordshire, UK


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